Amazon Glacier – What Will You Create?

Today Amazon announced their new product from AWS called Amazon Glacier (here and here).   Basically, it’s all the storage you could ever imagine, in an incredibly cheap infinite cloud in the sky.

Now that huge amounts of storage aren’t an issue (even less of an issue than how SC2 fixed it), what will you create?

It’ll be fun to watch the front end applications and services that get developed using the Amazon Glacier.  Sure, they tout it as a place for hardly needed, massive amounts of data generated from big Companies or “professionals” but I think it’ll be more interesting to see how people create uses for it for the “regular” user.

With the super cheap price ($0.01 per GB, per month) and the proliferation of devices that generate data everyone is going to need massive storage.

  • How about backing up your whole computer / media center / digital appliances every night.
  • Why not video record your entire day (lifecast) and have it archived every night.  Every minute of everyday and everything that you ever see or hear, recorded.  (The businesses that can sprout up on that alone are immense)
  • How does the judicial landscape change when it’s easy for a company to store every  transaction, email, file, etc. forever?  How do you provide that service to companies?
  • Are there sensors on every house, streetlight or sign post that record various fields of data 24/7 since storing the data is next to nothing.
  • Can we now record every conference call ever? (do we even want to admit conference calls still happen)
If you’ve ever worried about storing data Amazon just took another worry off your shoulders and sparked a huge next wave of innovation in the process.
Matt Kane
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