What’s A Song Worth?

The right music changes everything.  It can inspire, motivate, encourage, console, piss off, scare or bring about almost any emotion and conjur up an image or memory in your head that’s so vivid it can feel real. The right music can make an event, movie or just about anything else great or it can make it an unpleasant experience.

So why then do songs only cost $1.29 or are given away for free?

It seems with so much power that a song should cost much more.  Not to mention that every time you get to replay that song once you do buy it you get to feel all those emotions all over again.

It’s an interesting intersection of factors for sure: the power of a song, the hyper-available distribution model (not for every song – but as a general rule), pricing, consumer behavior, quality, and all the other things that end up setting the price point where it’s at today and an industry that’s practically gone.

The price of a song, the music industry, what they “should” be worth… maybe they’re interesting things to think about for your business as well.

Matt Kane

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