The “Is It Pinterest Worthy” Party Craze and Business Opportunity

Don’t you just love all of the amazing ideas you can find for your next party on Pinterest? While it’s a great tool for inspiration, it’s also quickly creating a dark side to hosting events. All of those amazing pins are creating a society of over-stressed party planners and snobby party goers wondering “is this party really Pinterest worthy?”

No longer is a friend’s compliment about what a wonderful job you did on a certain aspect of the party enough, now you’re wondering why s/he didn’t pin it.

It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s only a matter of time before someone capitalizes on the psychology surrounding Pinterest use as well as its growing platform and starts to create even more businesses around it. Here’s a few ideas, what’s yours:

  • Wedding planners offering a “Pinterest Worthy” guarantee
  • Photographers starting to describe their style and inspiration as pinboard-esque and not only offering printed albums, but pinboards too
  • Anti-Pinterest products and sites taking off
  • Developing the Klout score equivalent for event planning professionals based on Pinterest signal data
  • When will your Realtor start offering pinboards as an example of his/her marketing materials? When will someone develop a MLS + Pinterest type application?
  • Video + Pinterest – already been shown to work with PinTV, what’s the next iteration
  • Making money off Affiliate links – that’s been done since practically day 1.

Developing new businesses off of popular platforms has been a proven model of success in many areas (Facebook games and iTunes apps come to mind), it’s only a matter of time before you miss the boat on using Pinterest’s platform too.

Matt Kane

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