The “Are You Around Enough” Test

Do you have clients or business partners in a different location than where you sit day to day, even if it’s only a different floor?  If so, do you see them enough?

Using our calendars and other methods we can track plenty of things about where we spend our time.  Many of us even use apps like Foursquare to check-in to places we’ve been.  Seems like a great opportunity to utilize those types of tools to track whether or not we’re actually being face to face enough with our key clients and business partners.

Also, the number of times you’re physically around someone could be a nice way to gauge the overall health of the relationship.  Sure, technology is great for being able to keep in touch, but does it really replace the face to face?  Plus, at different stages of the relationship, or project there are different levels of optimal physical presence.

So, let’s start using technology or something simple like a special mark on a wall chart to check-in to who we’re actually catching up with. It should help us understand whether or not we’re providing enough of that cherished experience called face time.

Matt Kane

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