Seth Godin Takes You To Startup School – Sign Up

Seth Godin always delivers and now he wants to give you a chance to learn and do with him at his School for Startups.  Three and a half days in August that will be the best thing you could do for your self and your business. Don’t have your business started yet, this one’s for you too.

I’ve been fortunate enough to attend two of Seth’s last in-person, intensive events and all I can say is that you should do everything you can to be there.  More details are available here and here.

It seems that Seth has been doing more in-person, intensive type events lately (thankfully).  I’ve participated in a couple previously but they were one day or half day events in NYC either as brainstorming type sessions or book intros with amazing Q&A sessions (not about the book but about whatever question you had and wanted help in) and they would typically happen once per year.  The two intensives I mentioned earlier all happened this year. There was Medicine Ball in December (here’s a post I wrote the night before Medicine Ball), Pick Yourself in May and now the aforementioned Startup School.  Seems like when someone of Seth’s caliber is using even more in-person events, it’s something to wonder how you can apply it to your work.

Notice too that he already commits to putting the scrubbed audio from the event online a few months later.  A great example of how to amplify the message and giving back to your community.

Let me know if you’re coming and let’s connect. I’m hopefully signing up tonight but my lizard brain is taking over right this minute saying ‘hey, you’ve already gone to some events, spend those 3 days working on what you learned already.’  Good points I guess Mr. Lizard, but I’m shipping and there’s always room to learn & refine more, and this seminar will be about action I’m sure.

Clearing my calendar,
Matt Kane

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