Paying Attention To Where Your Message Shows Up

Everyday on my drive to work I see three billboards in a row for Cure Auto Insurance (the picture is of another bad example).  The interesting part is that the billboards are promoting a “Pay By Text” feature that they must believe sets them apart.

Seriously, you want to encourage me to do something by text while I’m driving.  Sure, you didn’t say go and text now, but does it make sense to advertise anything texting related on a roadside billboard?

Besides that, does billboard advertising even work anymore?  Where did you get the insight that pay by text was what you should advertise?  Isn’t that a feature, what’s the benefit?  Is there anyone walking around saying “you know, I like my insurance company but I wish they let me pay by text instead.”

Next time you choose to advertise keep in mind where it’s going to show up.  In the last few weeks we’ve seen lots of stories like this about ads for rival cell phones or tablets showing up on  Tools like AdSense for digital ads are great to get a message out to a wide network, but how will it look when you show up in the wrong place.  Finally, make sure what you want your consumer to do or learn from the ad makes sense based on their context; and please, no texting and driving.

Matt Kane

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