Own The Highways: An Idea For Towing Companies

A quick thought for any towing or road side assistance companies out there. Create the new standard way for anyone to get roadside assistance by simply texting their road name and mile marker to your standard universally known SMS short code – anywhere.  So next time I’m stuck on the side of RT 95 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania I can just text “RT95PA 38.8” to code: “roadhelp” – or something like that.

Better yet, simply get the geo info. with the contact.  Once you start advertising the text code and as it’s the same everywhere people won’t even have to bother with using their phone to find the nearest tow company and since they’ll already be vetted by your service the customer will know s/he isn’t getting ripped off.

Who’s going to Startup Weekend anytime soon – go and pitch it and build the MVP.

Matt Kane

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