How To Write A Book In One Afternoon

You’ve always wanted to write a book right? Here’s a simple way to do it in one afternoon.

  • Step 1: start audio recording with a mic on your computer or wherever
  • Step 2: talk for a couple hours (it might help to have some kind of outline on the topic you want to talk on)
  • Step 3: stop recording and submit to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk for dictation of your recording

There you go, you’ve just become an author in one afternoon.

After that you can find some amazing editors off of sites like eLance to make sure it’s in proper form and then make it available worldwide by self-publishing to the various digital bookstores like Kindle Direct Publishing or iBooks or even getting physical copies made at sites like Blurb.

Just to be clear, I’m not trying to belittle the enormous amount of work some authors put into their art or say this is a model that works or produces masterpieces.  I’m merely offering that for the thousands of people out there that have come up with every excuse possible not to ‘write a book’ that they’ve always wanted to this process should be a great first step in breaking through their own internal barriers.

Matt Kane

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