Utilizing Your Volunteer List: Effective Delegation At Its Best

I’ve thrown or have been part of throwing many events in all different areas of life.  Whether it’s corporate functions, non-profits or even a kid’s birthday party I think the most underutilized asset of them all are people willing to volunteer to help.

I can’t say I’m perfect at it, but I try to recognize it when it comes up in my own dealings.  Unfortunately though it becomes something that I tend to pay too much attention to at other events or with other groups.  I’m consistently amazed at how many times I see a group of people that have offered to help and weren’t taken up on the offer, or are now just sitting around waiting to help because they’ve been recruited but then the organizer doesn’t have clear things for them to do.

The message: make it clear and easy for people to know how to help and volunteer and when they offer, take them up on it.  Sure, sometimes you feel like you could just do it better on your own – but are you sure?  Plus, if it was that great of a thing you were working on you probably shouldn’t be doing it all by yourself anyway.

The real bonus is that by delegating out some of the things that people want to help with, you have an even better chance of actually enjoying the event itself.

Matt Kane

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