The Shops at Target: Could You Have Created This?

I was intrigued and excited when I first heard about The Shops at Target program.  I think it’s a wonderful way to help bring the amazing work that smaller shops are doing onto massive scale.  It helps that Target has a great reputation for design and quality elements too.

In case you’re not familiar with the program – basically Target found a bunch of very local, very amazing small shops and brought their products to the masses through their Target stores.  You know that really amazing niche pet store down the street where you know the owners and they have dedicated their lives to making the best gourmet dog treats – yeah, now they’re in Target.

Aside from the many other things to write about this program, it did inspire me in another way: anyone can do this right now, from their living room.

Yup, you could start right now in developing a place where you curate the best and most amazing local shops from all around the world and help consumers find them.   In a way, that’s what Pintrest is doing for many who use it to that capacity and you could take it even further. Here’s SVPPLY, which as it states: is a curated collection of the world’s best products and stores.

Whether it’s doing it through Amazon’s affiliate program, building out your own eCom store with something like shopify or Magento, I’m sure just about any retailer you might find would be more than willing to let you help promote his or her store items and receive a cut.

So, what would your ‘shops’ be. In the meantime I’m going to go check on the availability of, stay tuned.

Matt Kane

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