Syndicating Your Content and Posts

It still amazes me that many people don’t know about the ease with which you can syndicate the posts and updates you make in one place (like facebook) and have it show up in multiple other places (like your blog or twitter or google+).

I’m no expert, and probably don’t take as much full advantage as I should, but in case you’re new to the whole idea here’s some tools to try or explore.   This is just a sample.  Take their quick tutorials or look around their sites, you’ll get the picture.

Oh, and in case it wasn’t clear – as much as this is about the people I know who don’t know this, it’s also about knowing that tools like this exist and that they make managing multiple social networks easier (it still can be tough, but this helps).  So, next time someone is trying to sell your brand(s) on how much they can do for you, at this seemingly great rate, keep in mind that it could all just be done with the push of one button.

Matt Kane

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