Relationship Energy Management: Good For Your Marketing And Your Marriage

At about the 27 minute mark of this amazing talk (Keynote at Inc 500 Seminar) by Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) he goes on to describe how many people today are managing their marketing like many people have managed their weddings.

The quote is: “most people put way more time and effort into planning their wedding than putting energy into their actual marriage… and that’s how people are treating their business and marketing tactics.”

I thought it was a great quote and one that spoke volumes into customer service, strategy, investment decisions, and the overall process of running a business and serving existing customers.

So, next time you’re thinking about how to develop better relationships with your customers don’t automatically think it’s about the acquiring of new customers or the ‘courting’ and honeymoon phase.  Manage the relationship over time and spend the same or more energy on the customers that have been with you already for a long time.

Just for fun – use this to see what would of happened if you spent your money on AAPL stock instead of your wedding: AAPL vs Your Wedding.

Matt Kane

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