P&G Goes Mobile: Now It’s Your Turn To Ride The Truck Trend

Gourmet grill cheese sandwiches, fashionable cupcakes, ice cream and Tide(R) laundry detergent: just a few things you can get from a small window cut into the side of a truck.  P&G & Walmart have taken mobile, local, commerce and social media and turned it into a way for city dwellers to get the P&G products they need, in a method that fits their lifestyle.

Seeing the success of high-end food trucks integrating into city life (and beyond) over the last few years and moving away from the types of food trucks I saw as a kid growing up it’s no wonder that marketers are starting to find new ways to use them.

So, what would you do with a truck?

First, go get the truck. Next, here’s some thought starters – let’s hear your ideas.

  • On the spot business consulting – menus range from let me review your powerpoint strategy deck to let’s discuss new business models (who wouldn’t want to get help in a truck that has whiteboard paint on every surface.)
  • Recruiters – forget searching LinkedIn all day, get a truck and hold interviews with the folks walking out of the offices you want to target.  Menu options are current openings.  Skype in the hiring managers.
  • Need a new job? Turn the truck into an interactive resume display.
  • Want to be a singer? Create a rolling Karaoke studio (like the RVIPLounge)
  • Need extra money for the holidays?  Turn it into a mobile gift wrapping center. (better yet, help me avoid going inside the mall at all)
  • Restaurant take out delivery service.  The best restaurants in your town don’t deliver – do it for them, customers call you.
  • Tired of dressing up as a clown for kids birthday parties? Instead, show up with a video game truck – no one will miss you as the clown.
  • Turn it into your office. Now you can bring your office wherever you want to go.
  • Why bring the pet to the groomer, have the groomer come to you. It’s a lot easier on your car upholstery.
Get rolling!
Matt Kane
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