No Hiding: How Not To Use A Metaphor

Recently I published a post entitled: “The Origin Of “Turning Off The Faucet vs Mopping Up The Water.”  After pondering it more it got me thinking about my own use of that phrase and wondering if I am using metaphors and visualizations in the best way.  Metaphors are easy things to hide behind when a harder conversation might be needed.

Using visuals or metaphors can be a very powerful thing when used correctly.  As a coaching moment, or in trying to help someone arrive at their own conclusion and “own” the lesson, the right metaphor works wonders. It gives the receiver time to digest it for him or herself and arrive at the conclusion or think how to apply the learning on his/her own.  However, during times when a direct response is needed, the most powerful thing you can give is direct, honest and simple feedback.

Different situations call for different things let’s all make sure we’re using metaphors wisely.  No hiding allowed.

Matt Kane

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