Why Being A Big Corporation Is Sometimes Better To Foster Innovation

In the article below by ?WhatIF! they go on to explain some of the virtues of why and how big companies can be better at fostering innovation compared to the stereotyped image of innovators as garage based startups fueled by caffeine.

I particularly like the “look in the basement” concept and wonder how other big companies have done this effectively.  While it’s given in the context of a big Corporation, I also wonder how it can apply to one’s personal life and the many and various ideas that come in and out of someone’s mind throughout their lives.  What systems can Corporations and individuals use (like Evernote) to easily shelve kernels of ideas for later use.  Also, who else is doing this in a great way?

If you have any great examples, please share.  In the meantime, check out the article: “Giant Firms and the Futility of Start-Up Envy.

What they don’t mention explicitly in their talk on how big Corporations can leverage their size is the global nature of big Companies vs. the geographic footprint of a small start-up.  Sure, anyone today could start a “global” company and launch something in just about any country from the comfort of their kitchen table; but, Corporations of a global nature can leverage their specific in-market expertise, and local people to truly shine in a market.  It also helps with the processes of approaching new opportunities from a reverse innovation mindset as well.

Check out the article, and let’s talk more about big Companies and innovation.  In the meantime I’ll be searching my Evernote account for past ideas and documenting how I use things like 1dollarscan and my ScanSnap to capture and be able to reference all the handwritten notes and ideas I’ve made on book pages and random pieces of paper over the years.

Matt Kane

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