Who Should Be Doing Digital Trendspotting In Your Organization

Recently I was involved with a conversation about looking at trends in digital and marketing and how to help share them throughout a group.  I found it interesting that the people involved in the conversation, from various backgrounds / companies / levels / functions / etc, had very different opinions about where this type of work should be happening.

Someone thought that buying external research was the only way to stay truly on top of things, someone thought that having a certain exclusive group within the overall company was the right approach, and a couple people debated which group or level or area within the company it could be best executed.

Admittedly, I was a little confused by all of the view points except for mine which is “all of the above.”  Yes, the direct opposite of Monty Brewster’s “None of the Above” campaign in Brewster’s Millions, I think that trendspotting – digital or not – should be encouraged and enabled for everyone.

No, I’m not talking about making it a formal part of everyone’s responsibilities or ‘expecting’ everyone to participate.  It just seems limiting to not want everyone in your organization to keep their eyes open for something that looks worthwhile.  It also means that your organization should have a way to collect and process all of those bits of insight that people can help create.

So, the question then is:

  • what would happen if your company went from having it be a formal part of 1-2 people’s job description to an informal part of everyone’s?
  • do you think it would send a positive message to everyone that you want them to help find ways to change your company for the better, with newer tools?
  • do you think the mere act of trying to encourage and enable people to be on the look out would increase their overall knowledge of how newer digital tools could help them?
  • do you think this could apply to areas outside digital?
  • what’s the easiest way you can think of to allow people to share their findings (hint: there’s hundreds)
  • why not?

So what’s the latest digital trend or new thing you’ve found.  I know it’s nearly impossible for one person to keep up, so I’m more than happy to ask for your help.  I’ll help wherever I can too.

Matt Kane

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