Taking A Train-cation: Learning While On Vacation

I’ve written before about “Taking a Vacation While Working for Another Company” and when I heard a word for the first time the other day, I knew it was about time to revisit this topic.  That term – a train-cation.

So if you don’t know what a train-cation is let’s be clear.  First, I’m not talking about that conference you’re thinking about in Hawaii or taking a long trip on a train.  Instead I’m proposing that the term should be reserved for that period of time when you take off from your day to day duties (job, school, etc) to learn something new in a focused way.  The train is for training and the “cation”, well if you didn’t pick that up – maybe you need a real vacation.

So, instead of spending 20 minutes every other day for the next 3 years trying to learn something, take that extra week you got off of work this year and use it to train yourself in something new.

Let me know how it goes.  Most importantly, I just wanted a way to use that word again because I really enjoyed it.

Matt Kane

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