How to Benefit from Linkedin Buying Slideshare

My take on how to benefit from Linkedin buying Slideshare:

  • Upload all the great content you can to Slideshare (if you don’t already)
  • Link it with your Linkedin account
  • Repeat step 1 many times

Sure, it’s not rocket science, but it surprises me that most people do not have 1) slideshare accounts (ok, I understand it’s because all your work is internal to the company) or 2) enabled any of the currently available ways to highlight Slideshare stuff onto Linkedin.

The combination of the two only means that as more and more people utilize the probable future integration of the two services that it’ll be that much more important to have plenty of content available on the site in order to stand out.

I guess I should start uploading (after sanitizing for internal stuff obviously.)

Matt Kane

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