Build Google’s Brand For Them: Recruit Others and Spread Google’s Tools

While it won’t be called affiliate marketing, the new offering by Google to let you become a “Google Online Marketing Consultant” sure has some of the affiliate marketing feel.  Basically, they’ve built out additions to their analytics and ad platforms that will now allow you to run Google Analytics and Adwords for clients.

I’m not saying this is a bad think, in fact, I think it’s genius.  I just think what’s even more genius is the positioning of it using titles like “Google Online Marketing Consultant” (can’t wait to see that on someone’s Linkedin profile first) and Google Engage for Agencies.

So, check it out, and here’s yet another way you could be offering to help someone or some organization and building your skills and resume all at the same time.  Plus, for those of us that manage way too many analytics and adword programs it’s a nice new set of tools so you don’t have to constantly log in and out with different accounts.  It’s also a great new way to think about how to expand the reach of the tools you’re building out for consumers. Build ways for others to do the work of spreading the tool for you.

Matt Kane

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