Past vs. Future Excuses: Another Way to Obliterate the Reasons You Aren’t Doing Something

Do you want to do something very bad, but just can’t seem to get over the excuses you’ve been telling yourself about why you’re not doing it?  Are you trying to evaluate a decision and the pros vs. cons method just isn’t enough to help you get to the answer?

Well, a couple weeks ago, after a friend and I discussed some possible life changing events for both of us I was presented with a great response to my seemingly worthwhile list of reasons why one of my decisions made more sense than the other.  The simple statement “yeah, but all of your excuses are in the past and all of mine are in the future.”

It was a good end to our discussion for the day because it was one of those simple statements that reminded me of how many ways there are to look at things, and I just couldn’t find a good enough quick response.  Hold off doing another ‘pros vs. cons’ list, forget the scenario planning, instead draw out two columns with past and future and start to bucket the thoughts swirling in your head.

While it won’t be the only tool in your decision making arsenal a past vs. future list can provide some very interesting insights into whether or not you’re holding back on deciding because of things that are already complete, or things that still need to happen in the future.

After you have the list, go find an Accountant friend and have him/her discuss the theory of sunk costs with you.  Your past excuses list may be things that were great, and not considered costs, but the real question is whether or not you should consider them in decisions about the future.

Good luck, and share your list.

Matt Kane

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