Home Depot Takes A Page From The Hallmark Playbook And Invents A Holiday

This past weekend Home Depot decided to take a lesson from Hallmark and play off of the most time tested reason people shop, a holiday.  Yes, Home Depot decided that last Friday, and more specifically all weekend, it was time to bring back Black Friday.

Don’t get me wrong, two things I love are Home Depot and Black Friday.  I just had to laugh, and admire, that the team at HD decided to put them together again – in Spring.   Seeing the collective reactions of a few companies I had some insight to showed that the overall reaction was “damn, why didn’t we think about that.”  Which of course was quickly followed up with “let’s do a Cyber Monday sale next Monday.”

Hallmark may have done it first by inventing holidays so they could sell more cards, but Home Depot takes the prize for most recent example of taking something well known (and loved because of the associated discounts and shopping frenzy) and giving us a new iteration of Black Friday.

And if you’re wondering, yes, the deals were amazing. I got enough mulch to cover New Jersey and I paid less than it probably cost for them to bag it and ship it to the store.

Your turn Lowes, I need a mower – and an excuse to get my brands to do a Cyber Monday promo.

  • So how can your brands create or leverage a special event or holiday?
  • Is there something else as widely known (in the US anyway) as a Black Friday that you can piggyback off of?
  • Can you use an existing widely known thing by doing the exact opposite (Blue Tuesday anyone)?

Matt Kane

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