Commuting School: Learn Anything in No Extra Time

What’s something you’ve always wanted to learn: how to navigate patent law, a new programming language, how to solve for X in a Diophantine equation?  How would you like to learn it almost automatically, without having to spend any extra time on it throughout your day?

I was first introduced to the term NET time (meaning: No Extra Time) from Tony Robbins.  While I had occasionally used my commute time productively, I wasn’t necessarily paying attention to the potential power that this force could have.  That was years ago and learning something on my commute meant fumbling CD’s in and out of my car’s CD changer and trying to keep the order of them correct.  That’s basically gone now with iPod and smartphone integration into the car.

Also, with the amount of educational content on iTunes, or just about everywhere else it’s possible to enhance or pick up new skills in every subject imaginable – not just what was provided on CDs previously.  If i’m taking a train, it’s even more opportunistic for learning because of the rich video learning experiences available.

The true beauty of NET time is the fact that otherwise it’s essentially wasted time.  The average commute for a person in the US is somewhere around 26 minutes per day (each way).  52 minutes a day times the average number of working days per year… I wonder if that’ll be enough to learn that thing you’ve always wanted to learn how to do?

I bet it is, have a productive commute.

Matt Kane

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