Budweiser Allows Startups to Hack the Brand

At the Ad Age Digital 2012 Conference Budweiser and Bud Light are giving startups a chance to pitch brand execs for their business.   As Ad Age states: “Bud’s looking for platforms and technologies that will drive the brand’s connections with consumers…”

  • What would you come up with if given the chance to pitch two iconic brands as an up and coming company?
  • What did it take for Anheuser Busch-InBev (owner of Bud and Bud Light) to open up and want this to happen?
  • How would your pitch be influenced by the fact that it’s being done at a digital conference?
  • How would your judging, if you’re Anheuser Busch-InBev, change because you’re at a digital conference (would the collective wisdom of the crowd’s vote matter more than the few decision makers on the brand)?
  • How would you react as their previous digital AOR?
  • Why just startups, why not open it to anyone (the tech. to make that possible is easy)?
  • Who’s going to be the first group/person to organize these on a regular basis, meaning have companies pay you/your company to be able to come in and have multiple digital companies pitch them, while surrounded by digital experts and influencers?

All in all, a bold and great move by the Company to embrace new thinking and bring in new opportunities.  Let’s hope your answers to the questions above and the inspiration from what Bud and Bud Light are doing brings about some more great stories from the world of digital.

Matt Kane

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