The Domain Name Walk of Shame

Have you ever been sitting around by yourself, or in a meeting at work or out with some friends and one thing leads to another and all of a sudden you think you have the greatest idea in the world for a website or your next venture?  Well, if you’re like me then that means you immediately start checking whether or not the URL is available and if it is, you register it right away.

Then, a couple hours, days, or maybe even longer go by and you either see the confirmation email again or you log back into your hosting account and see on your list of domain names that URL for what you thought was going to be the next breakthrough internet sensation and all you can say to yourself is “what the hell was I thinking!”

Yes, you have just experienced the “Domain Name Walk of Shame”  (note: is available, and I am really trying to resist the urge to register it)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this in my life.  Well, actually I can because I also have a problem with letting go of most domain names once I get them, just in case.  After talking with a few friends one day about this it seems I’m not the only one with this problem.  The domain name walk of shame is real and it could be haunting someone you know.  I just wonder if is available, seems like a good potential business.

Matt Kane

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