Take A Crash Course In Design Thinking From The Stanford d.school For Free, Right Now

As a raving fan of Stanford, the d.school and design thinking I was very excited this past week when they released the latest full version of a 90-minute crash course in their methodology for design thinking.

Now, sitting anywhere in the world, at any time you can pair up with a partner and go for a ride through an online experience where you apply the five principles of their methodology: empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test.  No Stanford tuition, no waiting for the Executive Education classes to come around and trying to convince your company to pay for it, now you can learn it and apply it at your own will.

In the past 2 days I’ve already “practiced” twice and have found it to be extremely valuable.  I also can’t wait to use it in larger settings and run through it with larger groups of people.  Since it’s already prepared, the content and process is proven, and it’s easy to spread it’ll be easy to get people speaking similar language and learning the same principles whether you’re trying to use this at work, school or with your other forms of teams.

One of the powers of the way the d.school has provided this, through an online video session, is that it can be used in almost any situation:

  • Replace your next typical team meeting with this module instead
  • Share it with your whole company and start a wiki where people update their experience of going through the process
  • Start a leaderboard at your office of how many people have completed it
  • Convince your teacher to replace one class with this instead
  • Change your Board Meeting agenda to include this crash course
  • Start a Facebook group where you share the experiences
  • Set up a Pintrest board for people you know that have used it with scans of the sheets they created during the session
  • Use and search the twitter hashtag #dgift for others you could connect to. Use twitter’s geographic search function to locate those by you. Check out @stanforddschool
  • Set up a meetup in your area to find others that want to do it together

The possibilities of how to run this session are endless and the possibilities to use what you learn as a result of doing this are endless too.  If nothing else, it’ll either spark a new interest or continue to fuel your existing interest in using design thinking to create even better products, services and experiences.

Thanks d.school, let’s crash

Matt Kane

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