Seth Godin on Education: “Stop Stealing Dreams”

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get this post up because here is one of my favorite people (Seth Godin) talking about a subject that I’m very interested in (education.)

This is a free manifesto that is absolutely worth a read, dowload your preferred version for viewing now at Stop Stealing Dreams.

If you know anything about Seth, you know this is going to be an amazing read.  He’s revolutionized the business and marketing worlds and has some great insights on education as well.

To my teacher friends, I’m interested in this sparking a conversation around what you think as well.

Just to motivate you a little more, here’s some worthwhile quotes:

“The real shortage we face is dreams, and the wherewithal and the will to make them come true.”

“Large scale education was not developed to motivate kids or to create scholars. It was invented to churn out adults who worked well within the system.”

“We cannot switch the mission (of education), unless we also switch the method.”

“If I can find the answer in three seconds online, skill of memorizing a fact for twelve hours (and then forgetting it) is not only useless, it is insane!”

School serves a real function when it activates a passion for lifelong learning, not when it establishes permanent boundaries for an elite class.”

“The two pillars of a future-proof education: # 1 Teach kids how to lead. # 2 Help them learn to solve interesting problems.”

I hope you take the time to read it. The education system is set to change (hopefully) over the next decade as much as the music and newspaper industry has changed over the last few years.

Matt Kane

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