How to Use Nike FuelBand to Hone Your Presentation Skills

After weeks of trying to time the online sales, I was finally able to get my @Nikefuel FuelBand in person at SXSW.  Waiting in a physical line outside the Nike Fuel Lot for 50 minutes made more sense than buying online… this time.

Anyway, after playing around with it for a while I noticed some great, non-expected uses for it.  For example, have you ever worried that you were using hand gestures too much while you were giving a presentation?   Well, because the Nike+ FuelBand uses an accelerometer to track your movement you can easily measure how wildly you’re using your hands each time you practice your presentation.

Now that you’re able to measure, you can compare your FuelBand score each time you give the presentation and it might help clue you in on whether or not you’re moving a similar amount each time or varying greatly.  An easy way to gauge how wildly you’re moving is to create two “control” scenarios where in the first you purposefully and gracefully move your hands for 1-2 minutes like a very skilled presenter and in the second you get a little wild and emulate the more wild swinging of someone like a Jim Cramer.

Based off of the numbers you measure you can start to determine based on your practicing whether you’re coming off smooth and slow or in your face and flailing. Of course, depending on what the presentation is, one style may be better than the other.  At least now you can test.

I wonder how long it’ll be before the FuelBand scores start to dominate the conversations of orchestra conductors around the world.

Matt Kane

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