Old Dog, New Tricks: How Nike is Driving Growth in the Era of Digital

  • Drop your TV and Print budget by 40%.
  • Break up a 30-year relationship with your advertising AOR (Agency of Record).

While the actions above may not be in the traditional ‘How to be a Good Marketer Handbook’, by the time you finish the article “Nike’s New Marketing Mojo” you’ll realize how daring stances like those are exactly what’s necessary to thrive in today’s media landscape.

Just to be reinforce the fact, here are some of the results of those actions listed above:

  • Can hit the same audience size traditionally reserved for the Super Bowl on any given day of the week
  • Built a new business that achieves +$100 Million in sales
  • Drove sales in one division up +30%
  • Drove +120% growth in stock price

While the stats should be enough to convince you, the real reason to read on is because your consumer wants you to.   S/he is embracing the digital era at a faster pace than most companies, and it’s time to catch up.

Read On: “Nike’s New Marketing Mojo

P.S. – way to go Nike, I know I LOVE Nike+ and FuelBand.

Matt Kane

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