Lessons From Shark Tank – Failure Is Hardly Ever A Real Failure

Last season one of the aspiring entrepreneurs, a Chef specializing in burgers made of shrimp, made his way into the Shark Tank and didn’t get a deal.  Basically, it was because the Sharks felt he didn’t have enough sales, after all it was only 30K in sales so far, and so he ‘failed’ at getting the partnership he wanted.

Failing to get a deal, that Chef Shawn Davis desperately needed according to his story, could have been something that he let justify closing up shop and forgetting about his dream.  It would have been easy for him to say, I took a shot and it didn’t work out so I’ll stop.  How often do people stop after they meet the resistance and hope looks lost?

Luckily for him, he kept on pursuing and within one year later was selling shrimp burgers to the tune of over $5 million dollars a year.

Good to see yet another example of when an apparent failure is really just an opportunity waiting to happen and the key is staying the course, when you know it’s right.  Shortly after his ‘failure’ on Shark Tank the Chef got an even better deal that has catapulted his business to unimaginable heights. The key he said was learning from what came before and applying it to new approaches.

A great example of learning from, and getting value from some initially perceived failures. Congrats.

So what have you failed at recently that you could learn from?


Matt Kane

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