Using Media Dollars More Effectively By Waiting

It’s January, which means that budgets are back to full and the race to spend them is on.  If you’re a marketer this probably means that you’ve turned you’re media back on and you feel like everything is right with the world.  After all, has anyone ever gotten fired for turning media on?

In some cases you’ve been “dark” for the latter parts of the year and now you can successfully report to Upper Management that you’re advertising again. Unfortunately though everyone else with media dollars to spend is now back on as well.

Consumers are being inundated with marketing messages from all of the “seasonal” advertisers (think New Year’s resolution related diet, organizing and fitness ads) as well as all of the “regular” brands that now have their money to spend again.  More noise means it’s harder to rise above the clutter.

So, what would happen if you chose to be off for the beginning of the year (disregard if you’re a fitness or fad diet brand) and instead focus on your key seasons  and being fully on at the end of the year?

It may mess up you’re way of knowing if you’re comping the year, but it could also be just the thing to help you rise above the noise, use your media more effectively and beat your previous year.

Matt Kane

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