The Two Part Equation of Social Listening and Analytics

Social listening tools and data analytics are great. Unfortunately though many companies only get half of the equation right.  In order to be successful at your social listening efforts or get any real value out of your analytics tools you need the key next step.

The key next step in this case is taking action based on the data and insights that are being gathered in either of those methods.

There are countless examples of Facebook pages that don’t get any response or are never looked at again by the right people in the company to do something with the feedback.  I wish Google would publish the stats but I bet there are hundreds of thousands of websites that implement Google Analytics and never look at the data being generated and for the ones that do look there’s a significant drop off in those that then do something to make an improvement.

So, before you go through the effort of implementing any type of feedback tool for your programs make sure you think about and commit to the fact that once you start getting the feedback, you’ll do something with it. That’s why consumers are providing feedback in the first place and we know brands that take this to heart are winning loyal consumers worldwide.

Of course, this is a loop too so once you listen and take action then listen again and act accordingly.

Matt Kane

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