Lego Man In Space: What The Teens That Sent The First Lego Man To Space Should Do Next

A very cool story coming out of Canada this weekend where two high school seniors launched the first Lego Man in space.  You can read a couple of the links below and absolutely be sure to watch the video right now here.  Most importantly, if you know the teens get them the message below the video:

Congrats guys.  Now – if you REALLY want to capitalize on all of this immediately start accepting  customers that want  to pay you to paste a picture of their face on a Lego Man (or similar) and send them into space to get a video like you have above.   You’ll be the first space travel company to send people into space.

You’ve already figured out the engineering and have the credibility (and fame right now), take the next step.   You’ll be able to pay off college before you even go.

I’ll send you my picture right now and Paypal you the money.  Please do this!  Such a great example of what creativity and curiosity can do, congrats!

Matt Kane

Links to news stories:

Lego Man in Space Puts the Spotlight on Two Toronto Teens

Lego Man in Space Moves the Web

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