The Reasons Someone Would Want to Come to Your Next Meeting: What I Learned the Night Before Seth Godin’s Medicine Ball Sessions

Tomorrow I have the good fortune to be joining Seth Godin’s Medicine Ball Session and I’m excited.  That got me wondering, what did it take for me (and the 69 others joining us) to be excited about going to another 3 day course/seminar/whatever you want to call it and was it possible to repeat that for every meeting I wanted to ever have.

As I’ve contemplated the question, I’ve come up with a list of things that I think are some of the factors that led me to my feeling of excitement for the 3 day session.  While I do believe Seth is at the top of the game in many of these areas, I don’t think they’re unreachable for most. More importantly, I think knowing what the factors are that would lead to someone being excited to spend 3 days with you is important because then you can work on building up those areas.

Here’s my list of reasons I’m looking forward to our 3 day session:

  • Quality – the books, the blog posts, the 1 day sessions in NYC – just about everything I digest from Seth has been of a high quality – consistently, for years.  He obviously works “hard” on it.  This leads me to believe in the…
  • Results – his “stuff” has a high degree of results-oriented, action-oriented bias which means that I get real things out of interacting with him that actually become tangible. Also, he has real world experience and examples (results) using his own techniques, so I know they work.  This has brought me into the…
  • Tribe – over the years I’ve become more and more a part of the “tribe” of Seth fans (if you don’t understand Tribes, read his book Tribes), because it’s filled with ideas, philosophies, information, beliefs, examples, other people and lots more pieces that make up the tribal identity that I like, want to identify with and want to act upon.  Being part of a tribe means you’re…
  • Being a Part of Something – (I guess this is the same as Tribe to, but…) I don’t know how many meetings I’ve been to where I’ve not really cared what happened there.  Or, if I didn’t go, I didn’t feel like I would miss something.   Because of the things above that wouldn’t of been the case with the medicine ball.  Some of this anticipation comes because there’s a level of…
  • Curiosity – as with any great artist (take artist to mean anyone making amazing “stuff”), Seth is constantly pushing the envelope and coming up with something new.  This constant upping of the game over the years makes me wonder what’s next and it builds the need to find out as soon as possible.  All of these things together lead to the most important reason which is…
  • Being Out of the Comfort Zone – wanting to get the most out of something by actively participating or “playing full out” or being willing to be around people / ideas / information or environments you have the highest respect for makes me think of it as being out of my comfort zone.   When I have regular meetings at work, no one is excited to show up.  When I want to do something a little ‘weird’ it gets people out of their comfort zone and then they’re excited to show up.  Sure, I constantly try and put myself out of the zone – because I think that’s how you grow – so I could argue that it gets very comfortable to be in the un-comfortable zone; but, the excitement I feel waiting for this event helps me know that it’s right because I don’t get nervous when I’m doing “regular” things.

So that’s the starter list. The key now is how can we learn from the reasons stated above, and in other times where we’re extremely excited to be part of something, in order to make the times when we ask people to be part of something exciting for them as well.

Matt Kane

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