Benchmarking eCommerce Distribution Centers: Detailed Learning From A Simple Picture

As a kid, did you ever play those games in the back of Highlights Magazine that made you look at a picture and try to find certain things and/or pick out differences between two pictures?   Well, here’s a link to a bunch of great pictures from some leading online retailer’s distribution centers.

Pics of online retailer distribution center operations

I wonder if like most people you’ll look at the post and think, wow – that’s cool – that picture of Zappo’s (above) looks like my closet.  Or, will you take the time to really study the pictures in the post, like you used to in Highlights Magazine, and try to learn from them – or compare them to your organization’s eCommerce distribution center.

Lots to learn from a simple set of pictures if you’re willing to take the time and if you’re looking at things (at least sometimes) to be informed vs just to pass the time.

Matt Kane

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