What We Need For The Next Personal Information Analysis & Life-Tracking Breakthrough

Want to know a position that’s sure to be of incredible importance in the near future?  Welcome to the age of the personal information tracking specialist.   Think of it as a cross between an always-there personal trainer, a mathematician, a nagging mother, an accountant, a data-entry superstar, a life coach and an analyst.  Why is this job going to be the career of the future (read: now) and why should we be paying attention to all of the data that is being created around us?

Take a look around you today and you’ll see examples of companies, apps, products and services being built specifically designed to record, track, store and analyze the massive amount of data that a person (or anything) can create at any given time. Check out the post below with 20 examples from Mashable’s 20 Life-Tracking Tools for Better Health, Wealth and Productivity.  

Upon doing some investigation though I haven’t seen any type of service or company that is curating all of these apps, services, and programs together into one offering designed to ease the implementation of these types of disjointed services and help improve someone’s overall life.  Think of it as middleware for tracking and therefore improving your life.

Also, it seems that none of the sites that are designed to help a user set, stick to and achieve goals are integrating this type of data.  Stickk.com is a great example of a goal broadcasting & commitment site that would only be better if it could add additional data.

Let’s face it, I’d just love to be able to look at one screen to get an overview of my Nike+, Jawbone Up, My Zeo, Withings Wi-Fi Scale, and Stickk.com progress.

This is just the beginning of a personal data analysis journey.  I’d love to see all that combined with the “internet of things” type data like my Progressive Snapshot to monitor my (and one day my kid’s) driving, a dozen or so Twine Devices which would notify or tweet me every time something I wanted to track happens (like opening the refrigerator door or sitting on my weight bench.)

At the same time I haven’t seen too many examples of “traditional” companies re-arranging their resources in order to build products and services to take advantage of this new, but has been around with early adopters for a while, trend.  Kudos to Nike and a few others, and let’s hope the rest get on board quickly.

So what’s the information you want to track?   Seems like answering that and bringing all that data together in one place will be the next big opportunity – for your new company or your new career.

Matt Kane

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