When Will We Stop Calling It Digital Marketing?

Being passionate about digital and having worked in the marketing arena (either directly or through supporting roles) for a large number of years I continue to wonder – when will we stop call it digital marketing and just think of it as marketing?

We all strive for integrated marketing approaches (sure, there’s some cases where that may not be the goal) and to look at things from a consumer’s point of view.   Well, he/she doesn’t care which medium has the message – it’s all marketing.

There will always be specializations within each field and I am not trying to say that we should just lump everyone’s skills together so no one ends up being truly exceptional at any one thing.  What I’m saying is let’s set the stage to be truly integrated in our consumer communications by calling it all just marketing and then just focusing on which medium is best to fulfill the goal.

By removing the ‘digital’ qualifier before the word marketing I would hope that, what we now call, digital marketing becomes even more integrated into the daily lives of everyone involved with marketing.

Matt Kane

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