Taking A Vacation While Working for Another Company

I’ve long been a fan of volunteer vacations. Whether it’s building a house in a run down community, teaching English in another country or keeping a homeless shelter running, it’s a great way spend some vacation time. Then recently, I was reminded about a great program, called an externship, at my Company where we trade talent with another great (non-competitive) company in a short-term format.

After somehow combining the two in my head I thought about the question – can I use my vacation time to go “work” for (insert cool company name here)?

Then I started thinking – how can I get someone to come spend his or her vacation week working with me?

Sure, a typical week’s vacation may not seem like a lot for a company to go through all the work involved in bringing someone in, but the benefits could extend greatly beyond that week.  If Companies like Proctor & Gamble are already able to work in a “connect and develop(SM)” model and figured out all the intricacies of how to bring ideas in house, why not bring the actual people too.

Seems like a great way to breathe some new life and knowledge into what a person does everyday or even “try on” a company and see if it’s a fit before making a long-term move.  Also seems like an even better way to bring some new thinking into an organization.

Time to call the HR department and find out how to make this work.

Matt Kane

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One thought on “Taking A Vacation While Working for Another Company

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