Is It More Profitable To Be A TV Commercial Star Or A YouTube Star? The Crazy Fact About Both

Having worked on everything from “traditional” TV commercials to building out YouTube video channels I’ve been able to see the behind the scenes of what it takes, both expertise and money wise, to make both successful.  After thinking more about the money aspect, and all the factors that made up those costs, I started wondering whether or not more people should try to be actors in TV commercials, or just start doing something on YouTube.

The really crazy fact though is that you can make a hell of a lot of money doing either.  In the case of a TV commercial, for those of you not familiar, the people in them get paid not only for showing up to film, but for every time and for every channel the commercial is shown.  YouTube stars get paid a whole bunch of different ways too like whenever someone clicks on an ad while on their page, or for every page view, or just for being there because of a sponsorship.

Of course, with all of these ways to make money it can also be a fluke depending on if you happen to catch a couple (or 1) long running commercial or have what it takes to go viral online.

Although, if I had to recommend where a person would have the most control of his/her own destiny it would be with YouTube.   At least with YouTube you can control everything and not be at the whim of the hundreds of casting directors you’ll encounter trying to be a commercial star.

To answer the original question though of which should you do – who cares, if you want to do it just do something.   I think it’ll be interesting in a few years (and the few examples now) when we’re watching the “True Hollywood Stories” or “Before they were stars” TV shows and instead of showing a mega star of today in some historical television commercial it’ll show the mega stars of tomorrow in YouTube videos of today.

Matt Kane

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