Free Shipping? No Thanks, I’ll Just Print It… Right Now… At Home

If you haven’t heard about 3D printing yet, you will.  I’ve included a short video at the bottom to get an idea of what some of the basic technology looks like in a commercial setting.  However, the really interesting thing is that you can get your own 3D printing machine for about 1300 bucks.

Sure, that may sound like a lot, but think about what you paid for your first cell phone compared to what you would pay for that model now.  Within just a few short years 3D printing will be intertwined with our daily lives.  It may not be a 3D printer in every home, but you can bet that something you’ll use on a daily basis was built with one.  I bet I’ll save a ton of trips to the toy store once I teach my son how to print.

Check out for 3D printing in commerce.  It’s an infinite inventory of designs that once you purchase are printed for you.  Want something custom – design it and they’ll print that too.

Brings a whole new meaning to the idea of prototyping what’s on your mind.  Got an idea, just print it. 


Matt Kane

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