Welcome to the New Web Browser – Amazon Introduces Amazon Silk

Today Amazon introduced Amazon Silk, the world’s first distributed browser.  Gone are the days of trying to load a page and having your device hang while the page tries to compute.   The processing of the page now occurs on Amazon Web Services and just the result is sent to you.

In the most detailed of comparisons, think of the traffic going back and forth being reduced from 100 milliseconds to just 5 milliseconds thanks to the super powerful EC2 instances running Amazon’s cloud.  When you multiply this out by how many millions of times your device is going back and forth to get resources, it adds up to a significantly improved user experience.

Amazon even threw in some machine learning capability so they’ll know where you’ll want to go, even before you ask for it.  The result, it’ll send that content to you even faster as well.

Of course, all of this is in support of the launch of their tablet – kindle fire. Now that they’ve incorporated the power of their cloud into the computing power  of the tablet itself, I’m really intrigued.  Not to mention, they just reminded me that as a Amazon Prime member I have access to 11,000 movies and even more other pieces of video content for free.  Oh yeah, and I can access all the content in libraries across the country too.  Should make for an interesting tablet war.

Matt Kane

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