WebEx and GoToMeeting Meet the Wedding Planner

For a couple years after reading Tom Kelley’s “The Ten Faces of Innovation” I called myself a cross-pollinator on my Linkedin Account.   I thought it was a good way to describe the process of looking at things from various different angles and being able to combine things together in ways that ultimately form new things.  It also helped me justify to myself why I thought having so many varied interests was a powerful thing.

In a great example of cross-pollination, today I learned about Cancun Live Weddings, thanks to the amazing email newsletter from Springwise.   Now you can broadcast your wedding to family and friends all around the world.

Of course, my first thought was: are you serious – this is so obvious it’s ridiculous.  Of course, we all know that some of the best stuff is the combination of things that now seem completely obvious, but at one point didn’t exist – for example taking a picture on a phone.

Of course, there’s a ton of add-ons to the overall service that make it great, and I think the wedding broadcast “industry” is probably going to skyrocket in usage over the next 18 months, then return to a pretty normal state with it becoming a standard service offering for destination weddings (meaning: it will be included with your wedding package).

This post isn’t about any of that though, it’s about cross-pollination.  What things are out there right now, that you’re using almost everyday (yeah, I use meeting broadcast technology at work – a lot,) that you can combine in new ways – and form a completely new service?

Have fun pollinating,
Matt Kane

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