Making Money with Stuff You’ve Already Created: The Launch of Keynotopia

Keynotopia is a large set of libraries and templates that allow you to quickly prototype iPhone, iPad, Facebook or other applications in a matter of minutes.  While I first heard about Keynotopia through AppSumo, it was only a couple days later when Tim Ferriss’s “Engineering a Muse – Volume 4” email made it catch my attention because of the fact that the creator, Amir Khella, mentioned he was making 5,000-10,000 per month selling it.   To me, that lent the credibility I needed to believe it was a good product and want to hear more about the story.

I recommend you check out the whole story here (How I launched a profitable product in 3 hours) and here (How I launched a profitable product in 3 hours – part 2: The nuts and bolts).

To me, the best thing about the story was that Amir didn’t set out to find some product to create. Instead, he leveraged his previous work and a simple tool that he had been using to solve a problem he was constantly dealing with.  In this case it was a digital product but this type of product innovation and ‘aha’ moment is at the heart of where many successful products come from.   As he says: “Become aware of the value of internal tools, processes, or even hacks that you developed while working on your main product.” (note from me: ‘or in your day job or hobbies’)

While he was able to get his first sale a mere couple of hours from when he started, he could of launched it even earlier had he consciously thought about finding opportunities to leverage his already created work.  Again he sums this up with: “In my case, I’ve been using many of these templates for my client work, and hadn’t thought about selling them until recently.”  Luckily, he eventually did create them into something to sell and that’s the next step for all of us.  Take a conscious look around everything you do and how you solve problems in your own life (i.e. – the SweepEasy guy from Shark Tank that invented a potential $100MM dollar business from a broom with a built in scraper) and see what might be beneficial for the rest of us.

Matt Kane

In the post he also talks about how video really helped tell his story and how testing dramatically improved his conversion – but those are posts for another day.


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