Kiva Order Fulfillment Robots Demonstration

In case you were wondering how that order you just placed online actually got picked up and put into the box it was shipped to you in, here’s a demonstration of the latest in robot technology that’s taking over warehouses across the world.

The demonstration is from the expo floor so you only get to see a couple, but in a large size warehouse there can be hundreds if not more of these things.  They zip and zoom around so efficiently and fast that it also means that no actual people can be on the floor with them.

The robots know where they are thanks to grids embedded in the floor and software tells them where to go and what to do (pick up, put down) next.  These things are like Roomba Vacuums on steroids.

I wonder how long until I can buy a version for my house which brings the fridge to me next time I want a drink.

Matt Kane


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