The Truth About New Marketing Channels – Surprises From The Data

Marketing fact vs Marketing Fantasy

by Hubspot

A great presentation covering myths and realities that exist in a broad range of traditional (TV Commercials) and internet only (twitter) marketing channels. While you may have data that competes with at least a few of the facts, the overall message is clear – be sure to look at the data, for your particular company / industry / customer – before you accept a statement as true.

Ensuring that the actual analytics and KPIs behind any marketing program is measured and monitored is key to overall success. By using the numbers you can be sure you’re putting the most effort (money, resources, etc) in the places giving you the highest return. As Google culture is famous for, don’t make decisions without data. Test, re-test and continually optimize. True for your marketing, true for your investments and true for almost any other area as well.


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