Powerpoint Advice from 2002: Why Didn’t Anyone Listen?

Bad Powerpoint slides; I’ve lived through (and probably created) thousands of them.  In going through some notes on my computer, I ran across Seth Godin’s handy little eBook from 2002 called “Really bad Powerpoint and how to avoid it”.

After reading through it again I was amazed at how many people (me included) were still not heading his full advice.  Sure, I’ve tried to turn up my Powerpoint skills over the years but I’m amazed at how advice from 2002 is still so relevant, maybe even more, today.

Want to know the four components to a great presentation or five rules to create amazing presentations – check it out.  I’ll be really glad you did when I’m sitting through your next presentation and then you’ll be able to grade me on it while you’re watching mine.

Matt Kane

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