Do People Work For Steve Jobs or Apple? The Not Talked About Bad Part About Steve Jobs Leaving

Everyone’s talking about how Steve Jobs leaving Apple won’t be such a bad thing for the company, especially in the next few years.  Even the stock market hasn’t reacted terribly negative to the news.  With all the news and posts about succession plans, product pipeline, and Tim Cook’s expertise not many people are talking about any negative aftermath.

Well, while I agree with the positive outlook and believe in Apple, I can’t help but wonder what’s going to happen when some of the brightest and most amazing people in the world decide 1) for those that work there already – that they don’t want to work for Apple anymore or 2) that those who don’t work there yet never apply because Steve isn’t there anymore.  The question is: with such a celebrity CEO and amazing visionary does anyone really work for Apple, or are they working for Steve Jobs?

While we may not know the consequences of which employees decide to leave and which decide to never apply for a couple years (unless of course another visionary tech CEO poaches someone right away: hint, hint Larry & Sergey) I have to believe that it will start impacting the company sooner rather than later.  

While this is all internal facing as well, I wonder what existing or potential Apple partners will now re-balance themselves and take another look at their relationship with the Company vs. wanting a relationship with the man.

I can’t help but think that a couple years from now the founder of some amazing company or a wunderkind at some other tech company is going to be getting interviewed and say, well, I was going to go try and work for Apple, but then Steve left so I figured I’d do something else.

Either way, I can’t wait for the next product announcement because at least we know for sure that it was pretty much all executed under Steve’s watch.


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