Bye Steve

A little empty

I guess this is how a sports fan felt when Joe DiMaggio retired.

Business didn’t used to be personal. Now it is.

Computers didn’t used to make us smile. Now they do.

We didn’t used to care about whether a CEO made one decision or another, or whether or not he was healthy. I do now.

Sure, there was baseball after joltin Joe stopped playing. But it was never quite the same.

Thank you, Steve, for giving us all something to talk about and a way to talk about it with beauty (and fonts). We owe you more than we can say.


Everyone should know that I’m a beyond huge fan of Seth Godin, and his blog. I think Seth summed it up pretty nicely with his post about the resigning of Steve Jobs.

Of course, I don’t necessarily think Steve’s going that “far” away from running Apple – but it definitely feels a little emptier.

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