Matt W. Kane

Matt is a forward-thinking executive, with 20+ years of talent, learning, digital, and business leadership, who creates and implements inclusive talent, leadership, and learning strategies that develop world-class, future-ready talent.

Over the course of his career, Matt built a reputation for learning agility, driving measurable results, building and inspiring cross-functional teams, and implementing strategic change and transformations.

Matt seeks challenging, cross-functional and global experiences–like 15+ live/work assignments and 9 global roles–to better understand and lead across cultures. His growth mindset, curiosity, and purpose drive exceptional outcomes, within his teams and across initiatives.  

His purpose – to serve others – is nourished and expressed by his learning agility and insatiable curiosity. Along with robust internal development and growth opportunities, Matt pursues formal & informal external learning opportunities, guides Organizations through Board leadership, and uplifts others through University teaching, community art projects, and volunteering. He strategically develops cross-cultural experiences through global leadership roles and seeking out global live/work assignments.

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Career Summary

  • Designed and implemented a learning strategy for 150,000 employees and a multi-faceted Manager Capability strategy for 70,000 leaders to re-skill global talent pools to grow, develop, and deliver business impact.
  • Strategy, design, and management of a learning portfolio for 27,000 people leaders enabled by scalable learning experience technologies like AI and machine learning to deliver intelligent and personalized opportunities in the flow of work.
  • Continuously partnered with the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to ensure programs and operations are diverse, equitable, and inclusive in people, reach, and content, and aligned to core enterprise DEI strategies.
  • Driving development programs for women and ethnically diverse leaders that have resulted in +12% promotion rate, +15% lateral moves, and +7.5% retention rate than non-participants.
  • Redesigned a global First-Time People Leader program across 10 languages with a digital-first approach and embedded DEI that increased participant experiences and improved leadership capabilities of new leaders.
  • Implemented data-driven strategies and solutions in high-growth Emerging Markets to rapidly build critical capabilities in AI, Data Science, and Market Access and to identify and surface expertise in key talent.
  • Redesigned and led an immersive, global, residency-based Leadership Development Experience responsible for accelerating the growth of +250 high-potential Senior Leaders, while reducing costs, scaling delivery, and increasing learners’ success.
  • Created a TEDx community platform (formally sponsored by the CHRO and CIO) to share ideas, network, and align with core values that empowered a 35,000 person community and delivered 100+ experiences across 37 countries.
  • Managed a $100MM skincare product portfolio. Developed and launched 9 new beauty products that generated $30MM Year One revenue and broke 10 sales records. Grew consumer engagement by 1,000%.
  • Led strategy for brands comprising $1.6B worldwide sales to include digital, search, social, mobile, and CRM with a team of 25 digital strategists. Earned 1B digital impressions in one day through collaborations with YouTube and Oprah.
  • Launched the organization’s first eCommerce platform for the global beauty brand portfolio.
  • Built the first data science capability for marketing spend and digital analytics.
  • Created $50MM in year one business growth with an internal startup that is still used internally for clinical trial support.
  • Formed a Sales Technology Center of Excellence that created a net-positive P&L and reduced sales systems by 50%.
  • Led a $11MM Supply Chain and Distribution Center implementation project.
  • Led org transformation and designed a new operating model.  Created the first Business Relationship Management Group.

Career at Johnson & Johnson

  • Collaboratively leading global, cross-function teams to execute learning strategies and deliver personalized learning experiences for all 150,000+ employees.
  • Developing and implementing global leadership & talent development strategy for 70,000 global, mid-level leaders which leverage scalable technologies (like AI and machine learning) and cutting-edge modalities to drive personalized and measurable results to up-skill and re-skill global talent pools.
  • Implementing DEI-focused learning strategies that have resulted in increased promotion and retention rates for enterprise leaders, women, and ethnically diverse leaders and are core to public Enterprise DEI Strategies. 
    Overseeing three premier nomination-based leadership development experiences for high-potential leaders which consistently produce above-benchmark results in retention, promotion, and performance.
  • Led a world class learning team that owned, created, and delivered an evolving enterprise-wide Leadership Development & Learning portfolio and strategy for 150,000 employees and a multi-faceted Manager Capability & Accountability strategy for 27,000 people leaders that aligned learning outcomes to business imperatives.
  • Redesigned a global First-Time People Leader program with embedded DEI, personalized coaching, and a digital-first approach that increased participant experience and drove seat utilization and completion rates.
  • Implemented data-driven strategies and solutions in high-growth Emerging Markets to rapidly build critical capabilities in AI, Data Science, and Market Access, and to identify and surface expertise in key talent.
  • Redesigned and led an immersive, global, residency-based leadership development experience for high-potential leaders to accelerate the growth of senior leaders in critical succession pipelines. The new experience resulted in +30% promotion rates and +9% retention rates, as well increased global scalability 35% and cost reductions.
  • Partnered with global companies, startups, and VC firms on talent development strategies.
  • Created and led the Innovation Team to develop tools, frameworks, and workshops to unlock new business opportunities and built Enterprise relationships with external innovation leaders.
  • Created the first global, internal Corporate TEDx platform (+35,000 employees) to collaborate globally and generate more innovative, actionable, and inclusive ideas to drive business impact.
  • Accelerated external supplier innovation and business strategies.
  • Led a global organizational development & transformation project.
  • Created digital, social, and interactive strategies for all beauty brands. Delivered $2.3MM in cost savings. Rolled out mobile technology to the sales force. Led a global digital platform redesign.
  • Launched eCommerce sites for Professional and Consumer audiences. Consolidated 50 suppliers, leading to 80% cost reduction and increased speed-to-market. Initiated enterprise partnership with Amazon.
  • Led a $50MM marketing strategy on $250MM consumer brand.
  • Created $30MM in year one sales by developing and launching 9 new beauty products in high-growth markets.
  • Created digital and CRM strategies for all beauty product brands comprising +$800MM of North American and +$1.9B Worldwide sales.
  • Led the technology, eCommerce, CRM and interactive consumer experience strategy on an internal startup that created 4 new skin analysis devices.
  • Created digital strategies for +$660MM brands.
  • Led a $11MM supply chain and distribution center implementation project.

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