Declutter Day

Last week I was listening to one of the Ask Altucher podcasts and James and Claudia mentioned how they recently decluttered their home and how great it felt.  Inspired, I decided to put ‘declutter’ on my calendar and spent a couple hours sprinting around various spots in my house getting rid of things.

It was amazing.

Here’s why:

  • Opening & going through cabinets and drawers that don’t usually get opened not only helped me find stuff to get rid of (donate, throw away, re-purpose, give to someone else), but also reminded me of things that I had that in some ways I forgot about.  You will find stuff hidden throughout your home that re-inspires you.
  • Going through old books (I have (had) a LOT of books throughout my house) gave me the chance to check the notes / sentences I underlined in those books and reminded me of some of the valuable lessons in them.
  • Deciding which books to migrate to the kindle now gives me much quicker / always with me access to those books instead of on shelves.
  • Donating the books I decided to move to kindle, or that I could do without now, gave me the opportunity to bring about 150 books to the local library.
  • Donating toys we no longer use freed up a bunch of space for more running around within the house for my kids.
  • Decluttering my closet gave me the chance to donate about 2 bags of clothes and not have to now struggle to get everything on to the hanging closet rod.
  • Taking 4 car loads of stuff to the dump that wasn’t donate-able, and knowing it was now out of my house actually made me feel lighter. Plus, there’s a lot more room in various places throughout the house too. (and yes, I had/have a lot of random stuff)
  • Decluttering my physical environment led me to start to declutter my digital environment and habits as well.  Deleting old accounts, closing down random old sites, and organizing my digital files better – between four computers – is making it easier to do work.

What could you declutter?  What’s weighing you down?


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Ideas Every Day – 2013 Edition

In 2013 I decided to post an idea every day.  It was a lot of fun, and got my everyday writing muscle in nice shape.  To help kickstart the notion of everyday back into my mind, I decided to post the list of the ideas.  Mostly, it’s just fun to see which ones are completely ridiculous, and which one(s) might seem even more desirable today.

I’m also a much bigger fan of James Altucher’s 10 ideas per day now too, so while I haven’t been posting the idea every day, you can bet there’s been a lot more than 1 per day.

Here’s the list:

1 Disappearing Confetti
2 Instagram Meets TV
3 Ingredient Transparency in a Picture
4 Vibrating Nike Fuel Band
5 New Pool Table
6 Page A Day Photo Book
7 Disposable Fireplace Inserts
8 Tissue Box Made of Tissues
9 Checkout by Weight
10 Inspiration Breaks
11 Automated Resume
12 Sneakers That Generate Power
13 Office Chair Sensors
14 The Crowdsourced TV Show
15 Corn Field Demolition Derby
16 Fashion Feedback App
17 Peeled Orange Storage Unit
18 Reverse Fee Gym
19 The Money Charging Fridge
20 Intelligent Baseboards
21 Focused Parent App
22 NYE Resolutions Check In Day
23 Sneakers in the Washing Macine
24 Disgusting Soda Tablets
25 Better Conference Rooms
26 Produce Drawer Alarm
27 Text and Driving
28 A Better Conference Room Booker
29 Automatic Web Favorites
30 The Scrolling, Clicking and Navigating Shoe
31 Oven Scents
32 Tax Insights Scanner
33 Real Time Public Speaking Feedback App
34 The Tweet Scanner
35 Patent by Cell phone
36 Brainstorming App
37 Framing App
38 No infectious Teddy Bear
39 Nesting Lounge Chairs
40 Reversible Fire Hydrants
41 Re do the fire alarm.
42 Bars made out of power charging mats
43 More Sustainable Hotel Soap
44 Crowdsourced TV Remote
45 Disposable Keyboard Covers
46 Car Damage Remote Sensor
47 The Play-Doh Freshness Keeper
48 Used Kid Toys Hospital Donation & Kids Play Zone
49 The Better Baby Monitor & Request Button
50 The Sunday to Thursday Workweek
51 The Convertible Swimming Pool & Ice Skating Rink
52 Automatic Labeling in Gmail
53 Cell Phone Oil Absorbing Wipes
54 Recyclable 3D Printing Materials
55 The Kickstarter for Neighborhood Holiday Decorating
56 Stairway Slide
57 Mattress Cleaning Service
58 Re-usable Doggie Bag
59 Uber for Workspace
60 One Version Files
61 Air Writer
62 Flow Prep Checklist
63 Microphone Music Enhancer
64 Airport Gate Announcement Text Notification
65 Gilligan’s Island Travel Agency
66 The Car Desk for Driverless Cars
67 No Helium Balloons
68 SXSW Concierge
69 Powerpoint Slide Highlighter or Magnifier
70 The Open Floor Plan Survival Kit
71 BYOD Varification Service
72 Regenerative Energy Phone Cases
73 Movie Filters
74 Waterless Waterballoon Fights
75 The Fridge Drink Maker
76 Carry On Bag Reservation
77 The Meeting Attendee Map & Geo Locator
78 The Question Recorder
79 Checkout Lane Charity Items
80 An Energy Drink For Meeting
81 Meeting Socks
82 Food Menu Crowdsourcing For Meetings or Confrences
83 A Bang With Friends and Uber for Carpooling
84 Bracket Business
85 Bat Signal Drone Advertising
86 The CO Inspection SWAT Team or Agent
87 Square Footage By Picture App
88 The Ceiling Fan Dust Collector
89 Time Lapse Video Reviews & Recommendations
90 Grass Colored Easter Eggs
91 The Monday Assistant
92 Rap Genius Meets Corporate Annual Report or Presentations
93 Walking Down Memory Lane With Google Street View
94 The Article Searcher
95 The Family-Sourced Book Builder
96 New House Services
97 The Profile Picture Finder
98 The Company Case Study Library
99 GPS Route Optimization
100 The GPS Power Song
101 Hackathons For People
102 GitHub For Org Charts
103 The Auto-Reply LinkedIn Feature
104 The Fingernail Biting Sensor App
105 Family History Wallpaper
106 Literary Analytics
107 The Parent & Child Meltdown Checklist
108 Beg Forgiveness Cards
109 Failure Awards
110 Front Yard Neighborhood Gardens
111 Neighborhood Based Home Cooking
112 Take Your Cousins to Work Day
113 The Conference or Training Resume Blurb
114 The Plug-in Discoverer
115 Noise Canceling office Wall Add-ons
116 Child Proximity Bracelets
117 Ongoing Domain Auction
118 Solar Screens
119 Cardboard Fort Moving Box Kits
120 Sore Drinks
121 The Ticket Map
122 Fence Advertising
123 Property Address Domain Names
124 Shower Head Timer and Water Saving Game
125 Shoe Baggies
126 Neighborhood Laptop & Phone Coaches
127 The Hard Question Finder
128 The Signal Blocking Projector
129 My 90th Birthday
130 The Pacifier Removal Kit
131 The Nest Thermostat Yard Sign
132 The Clothes Cleaning Closet
133 Quiet Flip Chart Paper
134 Automatic Facial Gesture Monitoring
135 Watch Me Work Videos
136 The Disappearing Meeting Table
137 Sugar Packet Games
138 Personal Info. Detector
139 The ‘Are We There Yet’ Mileage Countdown
140 Restaurant Telepresence Dinner Meetings
141 Student Learning Profiles
142 Online Competitions for Work on Your House
143 Office Trash Can Notifications
144 Motion Sensor Privacy Windows
145 Blood Donations During Doctors Office Visits
146 Building With Beer
147 Renovation TV Show Designer Marketplace
148 TV Show Tip Catalog
149 Digital Calendar & Photo Frame
150 The Business Trip Bus or RV
151 A Better Connected Pen
152 Co-Working Restaurant Spaces
153 Personal Workspace, Big Box Homestore
154 Traffice Notifications, With Thresholds
155 Washing Machine Texts
156 The Repeat Scanner
157 Better Drywall
158 Pay With High Five
159 Emergency Debris Removal Sign Up
160 The Beeping Lifeguard Chair
161 Cube Grenades
162 Bulk Umbrella Rental for Events
163 Nest For Attic Fans
164 Sun Pattern Simulator for Google Maps
165 Automatic Traffic Texts From Waze or Google Maps
166 The “Why Am I Here” Score
167 Bed Sheet Teepees
168 Underwater Visibility Swim Shirts
169 City Planner Games
170 Roller Disco Parties
171 LinkedIn Profile Consultant
172 One Year Funding
173 The Cause Promoter
174 Work Spas
175 Sports Equipment Drop Off Bins
176 Wedding Best Practice Sharing
177 Bulk Travel Guides
178 Privacy Filter For Notepads
179 Simplicity Consultants
180 Group or Multi-Family Vacation Planner
181 The Instant Cafeteria Survey
182 The Talk Me Out of It Site
183 The First 5 Hours of Learning Guide
184 Grammarly for Buzzwords
185 Playground or Playhouse Salvage
186 Incantation Breaks
187 Notification Clocks
188 Automatic Records Retention File Management
189 Water Conservation Promo Packs
190 Season Pass Calendar Updates
191 Good & Bad Meeting Videos
192 Anonymous Dinner Voting
193 Phone Charging Belt
194 Pinterest Idea Build Kits
195 Construction Permit Concierge
196 Random Acts of Powerwashing
197 6 Pack Russian Roulette
198 House Painting Ambush
199 Home Toilet Tracker
200 Audio Recording Cupcakes
201 Bathroom Stall Vacancy App
202 Game Console Sharing
203 Carpet & Floor CLeanliness Tester
204 Vacation Dinner Services
205 Sand Free Bathing Suits
206 Motion Sensor Ceiling Fan
207 Vacation Home Donations
208 Instant Meeting Feedback
209 Online Learning Team Building Platform
210 Automatic Lifeguards
211 Restaurant Kits For Kids
212 3 Second Commercials
213 Your Family’s Documentary
214 Better Recorded Messages & A Little Inspiration
215 Automated Impossible Family Portraits
216 Hotel Deal Makers
217 Customer Complaint Growth
218 Business Boot Camps
219 Maslow Hierarchy Surveys
220 Cardboard Donations
221 Vegas Insurance
222 Water Bottle Keyboards
223 Improved Car Audio Handling
224 Annual Birthday Gift Subscriptions
225 Workday Countdown Clock
226 Vacation Countdown Clock
227 Transparency Punishment
228 Personal Air Seat Space Auctions
229 Single Monitor, Multi-Computer Feed
230 911 Buttons
231 Healthy Mattresses
232 Self-Pruning Plants
233 Pinterest or houzz 3D Tours
234 Auto Presentation Clean-up
235 Jacuzzi Tub Inserts
236 Picture Rotating Service
237 Ordering Drinks by Text
238 Personal Book Search
239 Keep the Change Program Extensions
240 Brain Games
241 Etsy for Electronics
242 Side Conversation Scoreboard
243 USB Ports on Laptop Power Cords
244 Outlook Voice Record Button
245 Dinner’s Ready Buttons
246 Accessible Technology Demo
247 Office A/V Interns
248 Google Glass Name Reminder
249 Google Glass Laptop Replicator
250 Holiday Package Inserts
251 In-Office Balloon Printing
252 A Sharing Game
253 The Neighbor’s House Tour
254 Powerpoint Voting
255 Fridge Motivation
256 Flight Price Date Comparator
257 Exploding Chair Cushion
258 Real Time Football Conversation Starters
259 Twitter for Quotes
260 Skill Based Job Listings
261 Trick or Treat Maps
262 Rooftop Theme Park
263 Lego Picture Builder
264 The Better Airplane Mode
265 Auto-Adjusting Headphones
266 Secret Room Builders
267 Learning Journals
268 Costume Classes
269 Sign Recycling
270 Job Description & Resume Matcher
271 Alphabet Lego Kits
272 Donation Bins At Your House
273 Evernote in School
274 Better People Locator
275 Kids Wake Up Button
276 Flexible Hot Tub Jet Arms
277 Bach-iversaries
278 Cats Meow for Babies
279 Github for Research
280 Ticket Sales by Picture
281 Daily School Photographers
282 Christmas Tree Recycling
283 Decoration Storage
284 Solar Clipboards
285 23andMe Consultations
286 Auto Unsubscribe
287 Better Kid’s Toy Packaging
288 Pumpkin Alarm
289 Self Improvement Days
290 Sprinkler Maps for Lawns
291 The Coffee Cup Metric
292 Re-purposing Old Network Jacks
293 Auto Word Count for Presentation Slides
294 New Word for Entrepreneur
295 Passport Reports
296 Google Glass Public Speaking Helper App
297 Bluetooth Seat Belt Monitor
298 Self Vacuuming Carpet
299 Cardboard Maze Kids Party
300 Meeting Room Pictures
301 Meeting Etiquette Ratings
302 Corporate PechaKucha
303 New Version of RACI
304 he 2 People per Answer Rule
305 Fireplace Glow Sticks
306 Pepper Taste Birdseed
307 Re-Wired Healthy Vending Machines
308 The One Person Agency Pitch
309 The Virtual Mommy’s Bed
310 Children’s Imagination Books
311 Seat Monitors
312 Educational Auto Signatures for Email
313 Clapping Gloves
314 Annoying Email
315 Automatic Trash Can Compactor Lid
316 Spreadsheet Cell Magnification
317 Recycled Bottle Eyewear
318 White Board TVs
319 Pill Bottle Timers
320 Color Change Deodorant
321 Home to Airport Flight Countdown Timer
322 Magnetic Walls
323 An Idea to Get a Job in Digital
324 Light Socket Fans
325 Remote Holiday Lights
326 Black Friday Line Savers
327 Neighborhood Wishlists
328 Color Changing Cell Phone
329 Replacing the Family Gift Exchange
330 Eye Workouts
331 Orange Wednesday
332 Automatic Meeting Starter
333 App Store Management
334 Funny Quitting Stories
335 Door Knob Automator
336 Warning Tires
337 SPAM Regular Postal Mail
338 3D Printer Ice Scuptures
339 Re-usable Paper
340 Side Conversation Alarms
341 Power Charging Conference Table
342 Unsubscribe Police
343 Personalized Lego MiniFigs
344 Disposable Bathroom Rugs
345 Magnetic Lightbulbs
346 Celebrity Accountability Tracker
347 Smoke Evacuation Ducts
348 Jars of Sand Shop
349 Musician Maker Gloves
350 Trampoline Bed
351 Flip Flop Repellent
352 Vacuum Seal Carry On Luggage
353 City Bird Cleaning Crew
354 Hotel Room Window Maps
355 Airline Gate Stand Up Comedians
356 Home Air Vent Remote Management
357 Kickstarter to Fund Challenges
358 Fitbit Connected TV
359 DonorsChoose for Families
360 Tilting Ceiling Fans
361 The Must-Do Card
362 Facts vs. Resolutions
363 New Year’s Eve 2015 Guest List
364 100 Decisions Habit Creator
365 Do Something for a Year
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How To Come Up With More Ideas – Part 2

Here’s part 2 in a probably never-ending series of thoughts around how to come up with more ideas.  Part 1 talked about doing it more, and this post is about a vital fact key to having more ideas.

The fact is: the more ideas you take in, the more you’ll give out.  Every idea you see, hear, feel, taste, do, and touch all have impressions in your mind that can influence your ability to generate new ideas.  That being said, everything that exists was at one time an idea, so a simpler way to say it is to just experience more.

Someone who has only ever eaten white rice will have a harder time coming up with a new flavor of ice cream than someone who has experienced every fruit in the world.

See, hear, feel, taste, do and touch more and you will be able to generate more.

Matt Kane

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Ideas Sliding Into Action

Back during 2013 when I was writing out an Idea Every Day on this blog I came across an article about a DIY Stairway Slide and wrote this piece about how to make it even better and a product.

At about the same time Trisha Cleveland put an idea on Quirky, the awesome invention site, and soon the Slide Rider was born.

I thought this was a great personal reminder that:

  • if you want something to exist in the world, it’s even better to take action on it vs. just throwing the idea out there.
  • sometimes the actions or next steps don’t have to be huge undertakings – like trying to make something all yourself.
  • utilizing the right platform and community, Quirky in this case, can make all the difference in turning an idea into reality at a faster pace.
  • no matter what your idea is, someone else probably already has it too.

Thanks for the reminder Quirky and Trisha,

Matt Kane

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My Summer At The FIFA World Cup

During the summer of 2014 I had the great opportunity to travel to Rio for the World Cup.  I was fortunate enough to win a contest at work (read about that here), and it was an amazing experience.  During the trip I blogged about it on an internal site that we had for participants of the trip and I wanted to re-paste those posts here so I could share them with a broader audience, and so I can get to them and re-live the excitement anytime I want.

It was a total of 3 posts, describing two different parts of the experience (the Fan Fest and an actual game) so the paste below will be long.   I’ll also add a few pics that show some of the things referenced in the post.  Also, since this was posted internally first I guess I should point out that these are still all my own views/etc. and not those of the company.   That being said, I hope you enjoy.


Live from FIFA Fan Fest

On the first day of our arrival a couple new friends and I decided to look for a spot to watch the game that was happening between Chile and Spain.

What we didn’t know at that time was that our hotel was right up the street from the FIFA Fan Fest on Copacabana Beach. The fan fest is a huge area that FIFA has set up with a very large projection of the game, and displays from the commercial sponsors.

The area holds twenty thousand people and it gets full before each game. Yes, twenty thousand people show up, on the beach to watch just about every game. That doesn’t even include the people who don’t go into the fenced off area, so the total number of people in the beach area is probably closer to fifty thousand.

Well, needless to say, it was an amazing experience, and we had only been in Brazil for a few hours at that point. I couldn’t stop thinking just how amazing this entire trip and the program was, and that sense was only heightened when I first laid eyes on the scene at the beach.

It further reminded me how great I thought it was that Johnson & Johnson was a part of this event. By the end of watching that game in fan fest though, my thoughts on the subject would take on a whole new meaning.

As I said, the fan fest has huge displays and interactive exhibits by many of the commercial sponsors. You could zip line across the crowd, take part in a virtual fun digital exhibits, see and sample the latest products from the various sponsors basically all of the stuff you would expect companies to do to try and make their products the front
and center of everyone’s attention.

Then, on the way out, we stopped in the Johnson & Johnson fan fest pavilion.

What JNJ was doing was using their space, to create a nurturing family environment at the event. Here, in the middle of all the pandemonium of the crowds of people, JNJ was putting family front and center.

There were families sitting around the JNJ area doing things together, there were kids getting a chance to sit and play (which was the only place I saw that catered to kids), and you could see the looks of appreciation and togetherness that the space had helped to happen.

In that moment I was so proud to be a JNJ Employee.

What other company in the world would – or could – create a sense of family like that? Who else would be making sure that their mission of the space, the sponsorship and the opportunity to participate in FIFA World Cup would be about inspiring care? What other place would offer their employees the chance to win a trip to Brazil for their caring stories? Of course… JNJ would.

It was truly an honor to see it in person. Wow, thank you.

By the way – for all of our employees from or who root for Chile – you guys have some amazing futbol chants for when your team scores. Ha.

POST 2-3

Game Day Part 1 & 2 Combined

Do you remember that heightened sense of excitement, joy, and anticipation on the morning of a launch day for any big project you’ve ever been on, or any big event in your life?  Remember that morning where so much of what you’ve been looking forward to is about to happen?

Well, welcome to the last official day of our Wave 1 Champions of Care trip. It’s game time.

The day’s match is Game 31, Belgium vs. Russia.   It’s supposed to be a great match, with two teams that are looking to fight it out to see who will move on.

A couple of us start our day with Mate’ (pronounced: Mah-ta) at breakfast.  Mate’ is a traditional South America infused drink (like a tea) (click here for more info.).  Our fellow champion Ignacio brought this special drink from his hometown in Argentina, where he tells us about the ritual and bonding that occurs when preparing it and drinking it with friends.  It’s yet another great caring moment that someone in the group wanted to bring and share with the rest of us.

After we have our Mate’ and pick up our tickets we are given our 3rd set of badges for the hospitality area around the Stadium.  I mention the 3rd set of badges to point out all the security and protection and care bestowed upon the fans of the game by the organizing bodies – and especially JNJ.  I also mention it because it got us into two very special areas I’ll describe in a bit.

So, off we go to the game, already starting with our newly created, not officially sanctioned, and now infamous JNJ Futbol chant.  I’ll ask you to stop reading and sing along first, here’s how it goes:
You’ve probably heard the origin of the chant at any futbol game or even lots of other sporting events.

Start with the popular: “Ole’, Ole’, Ole’, Ole’…. Ole’… Ole’”
Now, replace the last two Ole’s with – JNJ, JNJ.
“Ole’, Ole’, Ole’, Ole’…. JNJ… JNJ”

OK, now you’re ready to hear more about the game.  We arrive and quickly step through security and into the hospitality area. This is the hospitality village where all of the major sponsors have spaces for their guests for before and after the game.  There are two rows of huge tents and the Johnson and Johnson tent is the first one you see when you enter the area.

Once again, I’m blown away when I enter.

JNJ not only uses the space as a beautiful (kudos to the design team – it should win every award out there) hospitality area, but also provides a whole area for the guests to participate in one of the many programs that JNJ is executing around Brasil as part of our sponsorship.  Inside our tent a guest in the hospitality area can help assemble a care package that will be donated to children in need across Brasil through a group called INMED. INMED Brasil develops health and education programs to strengthen communities and support the development of healthier children and in partnership with Johnson & Johnson, INMED treats children for infections and shares health and hygiene habits.  A pretty cool opportunity in the area along with all the other guests from around the JNJ world, external program winners and not to mention the food and caipirinha’s.

After the Capoeira (Brazillian dance fighting) exhibition outside (just thought I would casually mention that), we started to head in to the general area around the stadium’s entrance.

Take the energy of every major sporting event you’d ever imagine, add in crazy costumes and people that traveled from every part of the world to watch and you’d have the fans at the World Cup.  From the looks of things in the crowd it looked like it just might be a Belgium favored crowd.  In my guess I’d say the ratio was maybe 2:1 of Belgium jerseys vs. Russia.   We had a great Belgian guy in our group, Peter, so it seemed he was in friendly company.

Before we headed into the game we were able to take a last minute detour to the volunteer station.  This is where all of the volunteers for FIFA World Cup in Rio would use as a base of their activity and a chance to rest between assignments and socialize. There were so many volunteers in Rio that it took the stadium next to the soccer stadium to hold them all.   Johnson and Johnson is sponsoring all of the volunteers and volunteer areas in every FIFA World Cup stadium (I believe there are over 5,000 volunteers) with various programs.

In trying to find creative ways to once again use its sponsorship in ways aligned to a higher mission, JNJ was supporting the volunteer spaces in order to reach a population of people in each area throughout Brazil that were from the local areas and educate and inspire them by caring for them and teaching them how to care for others.  There were free medical screenings, education about common issues that plague the areas, information about programs that support the local areas so the person could bring that info back into his or her community, as well as a very cool token of appreciation – a take away bag filled with more great info and some JNJ product.  It was probably worth volunteering just for this area.

It was also incredibly humbling to see the Champions of Care trophy that we were each awarded with the night before be on display in the volunteer area.  It looks so cool behind glass. The only issue is now I want to go build one of those display cases for my office (ha, ha). It was being shown because JNJ created the Champions of Care program to highlight external people that have inspiring care stories as well.  My fellow internal employee Champions and I were not the only ones awarded with this awesome memento.  JNJ had also found people through Brazil (and one from the rest of the world), to hopefully continue to inspire more and more caring.  I know many of the volunteers will see that info and those winners and be inspired to do more.

Well, as you see – it’s already been an amazing day and the game hasn’t even started yet.  So, through a tightly controlled security gate we pass with our credentials and now we’re in the amazing Estadio do Maracana (Maracana Stadium).

As I said before, once again I am blown away when we come through the tunnel of our seating area and first see the inside of the stadium and the field.   They even had a perfect song that just started playing in the stadium as we came into the seating area – AC/DC’s Thunderstruck.  For those of you that know it – just imagine the first minute of that song blasting over the speakers while you walk in (for those of you that need a refresher of the song, watch the first minute of this YouTube video).

I think by this point I was excited enough that if the coach of one of the teams happened to come up in the stands and ask me to substitute in for a player, I would have been ready.

You can see the great visual recap of the actual specifics of the game that Google is doing for every match here: Russia vs. Belgium on Google.   Or you can check out a maybe funny version of a re-cap of the game from twitter here.  Belgium ended up winning with a great goal in the 88th minute.

Here are some things Google didn’t tell you.

Our seats were amazing.  They were close enough to see everything, yet high enough to be able to get a feel for the whole game.  We were in a section equally full with Belgium fans and Russia fans, so we could decide to celebrate no matter what happened.  That being said, we were only one section away from two whole sections full of very intense Belgium fans, so when Belgium scored it was like someone just handed each person in the section a million dollars each.  I was so happy to have our Champion from Belgium, Peter, sitting behind me so I could see the look on his face when his country scored and grab and hug him like we both just personally won the entire cup for our Country.  Sport sure does bring people together.

On a completely different, yet totally related to our trip note, one of the other great things about our seats was that for all of the game, except for the last 2 minutes, we were in the shade and out of the sun’s glare.  The sun comes in through the hole in the top of the stadium and as the sun rotated through the day it only caught us for two minutes till the game was over. I was fortunate enough to be sitting next to Linda Nagel from the US who was on the trip because of her caring story related to skin cancer and her work (please check it out) to fund the Skin Cancer Society.

Having a deep personal connection to cancer myself, we were both happy to be out of the sun’s rays.  However, we of course had on our JNJ sunblock just in case.  Every morning Linda would make sure everyone on the trip put their block on (thanks for the extra sunblock Matt Stayner) and reminded us all of the sun’s possible devastating effects.   She was so aligned to her mission that it wasn’t even something she consciously reminded us about – she just did it, she just was always there to care for people to protect themselves.

Also during the game, while I walked around the stadium at half time, I met many of the safety personnel.  You could easily find who was a medical or other safety person because they all had on these great white and red vests, that just so happened to have the JNJ logo and our sponsorship tagline on them.   As another part of our sponsorship JNJ worked very hard to ensure that every medical safety person involved in any of the stadiums would have a consistent visual identity as well as a standard medical bag.

This might seem like an easy feat, but it is actually quite the opposite.  It took coordinating between all of the different groups that run each stadium to make sure everybody would have the same.   JNJ knew that in order to make it easier for people attending the games to know who to turn to for help, in the event it was needed, that the people needed to be easy to identify and consistent from one stadium to the next.  It was all about ensuring that someone would know who to go to if they needed care.  A person watching any game on TV would even see the bags and/or vest from a TV game and could recognize it in their local stadium.

Also, isn’t it kind of cool when you’re watching the game at home and you see the medical person run on the field and their bag has the JNJ logo.  Of course, no one wants anyone to actually need any medical attention or get hurt – but it’s nice to know it’s the best healthcare company in the world supporting it.

With that, the game ended and we all made our way back towards the affiliate area towards the bus the group had been using to get around all week.  It was at this point that the most personal caring story for me took place and I was once again in awe and deeply grateful for how much the JNJ team had been caring for everyone.

While I was supposed to stay on the trip for another day, I had to leave directly from the match and head to the airport due to a family emergency.  When I had notified the organizing team late on the day before, they bent over backwards in order to make sure I was on the next available flight.  I know they had to re-arrange a ton of little things in order to make it happen, like miraculously having my luggage appear from my room to the parking lot of the stadium in my own personal escort to the airport, and I couldn’t say more wonderful things about how I was cared for.  They acted like it was easy and not to worry, but I know it was a lot of work and I want to thank all of them.

While sitting on the plane on the way home, I was reminded of why I was on that trip in the first place and what led me to that.  I was nominated for my work with a non-profit group I started when my father passed away from cancer.   It just so happens I was also on a business trip when I found out he had passed away.  It was many years ago (before blackberries), early in my career, and I had just flown to London where I was supposed to meet with tons of people, have a ton of meetings and iron out some very important details of some key projects. I landed in the airport and got to the hotel when the front desk person handed me a message as I went to check in.  I knew what it was about without even opening it.  I immediately got back in the cab, went back to the airport and flew the 8 hours back home.

I landed and sent my boss at the time a quick one line email that basically said I’m sorry but I had to come back to the states and can you cancel everything due to a family emergency.  No real deep explanation at the time, just a signal.

At that point I’m sure some people in other companies might have reacted in a different way.  Not here at JNJ.  I was cared for, supported and given a real sense of family as my team helped me navigate that time.

Also, since then, people from JNJ have supported my efforts in so many ways I can’t even begin to explain. People like Ben Walker (Consumer IT) and Chris Campbell (MDD) helped do a ton of work, for years, to get the efforts formalized in the non-profit.  I’ve also gotten to meet so many great people from JNJ that do work helping others that inspire me every day, like the other Champions in the program and all those that were nominated but unfortunately didn’t make the trip too, and the 86% of employees (I overheard this stat recently) that do some type of community service type work.   What a great place, we are all lucky.

This Champions of Care program may have started as an amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity for a trip to Brazil for the game, but it ended up being so much more for me.  It’s been a direct reminder of the amazing work our company does throughout the world, as evidenced by the programs that we’re doing as part of the sponsorship, and it’s been a chance to be reminded so deeply again about the amazing community of people that choose to call JNJ their work home.

Thank you,
Matt Kane

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Start The Work And Everything You Need Will Appear

Last year I was offered the honor to speak at an event and I almost missed out because I kept putting off the process of sitting down and figuring out what I wanted to say. I felt like I had a great opening, but didn’t have the full story of what I wanted to get across.

I procrastinated for far too long and then finally got going.  Then, things I never expected started to happen.

The more I thought about it, the more potential content I was able to gather. The more I talked to more people about it, the more they provided some insights that took me on amazing new paths.  One day I was even walking around outside and there were new signs in our parking lot that completely related to my topic. A week later, after a quick mention that I was working on it, a colleague sent me something that he saw months earlier in Canada that became critical to the story.

Once I started working, everything I needed started to appear. All I had to do was start.

Matt Kane

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Experience Design With A Side Of Buffalo Wild Wings

I was on the tail leg of a two and a half hour road trip to the shore with two screaming kids in the back of the car.  We had been sitting in traffic for an extra hour, it now was past dinner time and the emergency snacks had run out long ago.  I was doomed.

I saw a Buffalo Wild Wings right off the next exit and told the kids we were going out to dinner.  To this point they had never been to one, and they just wanted to get to the shore. They didn’t want any part of eating out. Somehow, I got them through the door.

That’s when everything changed.

Immediately upon asking for a table the hostess offered each of the kids their own game tablet.  On the twenty foot walk to the tables we grabbed some of the funny hats and some crayons and activity sheets from the bin up front.  By the time we sat down and the hostess powered up the tablet my kids were in heaven.

We had one of the funnest meals we’ve ever had at a restaurant.

As an experience designer I couldn’t help but have one of those light shining down from the sky moments when I saw the hostess offer the kids those tablets.  Why hadn’t any other restaurant done that yet?  Why isn’t this standard practice anywhere that kids (or adults) may have to wait for something?

I’m not recommending that kids always plant their face in tablets, as my kids’ technology policies are quite restrictive, but isn’t it great that there was an option at a place where everyone knows that kids (and parents) might benefit.  That extra little bit of thought and offering creates raving fans.

What else could be added to the experiences your guests are having?

Matt Kane

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